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I'm sorry that I have not written in so long. Sophie and I are in Malawi, currently, more specifically, Nkhata Bay, at a little hotel thing called Myoka Village, which is really more of a commune in which people stay from 1 night to four months, depending on if they have plans or not. It is nice and we have been here about a week. It's been a good area to relax a bit, though we went on a kayak overnight from Saturday to Sunday, though the last time I kataked was at camp in 8th grade. It was fun, we were in a two person kayak, and had two guys with us in a canoe with all of our stuff. We ate peanut butter sandwiches for all of the meals while we were there.

It's hot here, and I'm so tired that I'm not going to be able to write much. Things are going well, except the ferry we were supposed to take down Lake Malawi to Blantyre has broken down, I guess, and now we're going to have to take an overnight bus to Lilongwe (the capital), and then another bus to Blantyre. There, we're going to have to get a visa in order to get to Mozambique, where we have a flight from Tete (in the north) to Maputo (the capital, in the south) on Saturday. From there, we're going to spend some time at the beaches and around Tofo, and then we will be taking a series of long buses down the coast of South Africa, into Swaziland or a night or so, and then to Port Elizabeth, to hang for a few days, and maybe take surfing lessons if there is money left. Then, take a backpackers bus to Cape Town, go to a few wine tastings, and head home on May 2nd! It sounds fun, if you take out all the travelling we'll have to do, and I am excited, though the idea of all the buses exhausts me

Ok I will write about Malawi more fully soon, the internet here is few and far between, not to mention expensive and terribly slow, so I will do what I can.

see you soon


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