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SOO what does that mean? Paul & I arrived at America's Best Campground after a long drive from ARK. to find Paul Sobieski Free Show Tickets Winners for April...on the large billboard at the entry road for the RV Park..what a treat!!! We saw the Hamner-Barber Magic/Ventriloquist/Comedian Show today for FREE! Friday nite we so enjoyed the Acrobats from China..they must be made of rubber bands to bend and twist their bodies..ah youth! and we saw the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum and Roy Rogers Jr. & High Riders show Sat.a.m. and then Sat. evening saw the John Wayne'impersonator' and the Yodeling Sweetheart in the oldest theater in historic downtown Branson..Paul got his pix. taken with the "Duke"..the guy was really good..this town is filled with family-friendly shows that all have a wonderful patriotic/Christian flavor to them!! great Gospel tunes all around and flags and patriotic songs. THE Sunday Mass at Our Lady of the a huge modern and friendly..over HALF the people were from "somewhere" else than Missouri..the music was just almost indescribably wonderful..14 people and the choir director/piano player/singer was the lead cantor/director from Phoenix, AZ for St.Simon & St. Jude Cathedral..imagine..and the male tenor cantor who sang the psalm and then he and the choir director sang a Communion "meditation" song after communion..well..they were so joyful/Spirit-filled and I cried, as did the man behind me and the couple near was soooo moving...they were doing a concert today at 3pm...but we were not able to go :((...there will be another event somewhere on our road trip, I hope. Met people who have friends in Anacortes, and a sister in Bellingham..imagine that! All in all, we would love to come back to Branson..NO car or motorhome problems..thank you, Lord!!! Blue has been really good while we have been away from the MH. He sleeps lot..just like at home and greets us with his toys when we come "home"..IT IS beginning to feel like "home" in our house on wheels..NOT ready for full-time, though...miss kids and grandkids too much..heard from KRisi that her Katie probably was playing soccer this same weekend in SNOW..and heard from John that they had the "best" snowmobile ride of the season last weekend...yeow...oh how we miss the snow (NOT!!!)..wearing a short sleeve blouse, NO jacket and had to use sunscreen again today...Hope all is well with you destination is Memphis where we will actually SEE some Civil War stuff....that was the original impetus for this whole big adventure..but many interesting events and side trips have been enjoyable along the way...God bless ya and as ROY ROGERS used to say.."May the Good Lord take a liking to ya."..thought for the day..The BLESSED don't always have the BEST...they simply SEEK the best of what they see on their journey...hoping we can continue to see God's hand upon us as we know His guardian angels travel with us!! paul & fran

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