Amish Farm Berne, Indiana

Swiss Style McDonalds

Passing Horse & Buggy

Ceylon Bridge

Side Shot Of Bridge

Old Water Pump That Still Works

Berne Main Street

While waiting for our RV parts to arrive and the work to be done, we visited a neat town called Berne, Indiana. It is a Swiss community where a lot of Amish people settled. It was so cool to see the horse and buggies all along the streets and they even had a parking garage for them.

We sampled some of their bakery items and they were wonderful. We checked out at the bakery and the lady asked us to be patient while she changed the batteries in her cash register. :-) So cool! I didn't know they even made cash registers that work on batteries. Be sure to take cash if you visit Berne.

The ceilings were lighted with gas lanterns. It was like going back and living like Little House on the Prairie. We really enjoyed this little town and would highly recommend it.

We also explored a few other villages and did some geocaching. One of our favorite ones was called Ceylon Bridge. See pictures of this cool old covered bridge. We will be doing more geocaches tomorrow.

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