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YES, we are okay..Praise GOD..last night we had horrendous thunder/lightning/rain storms and Blue, our dog, was so restless at about 10:40pm...I had showered and was ready for bed. Paul was watching TV..we got a frantic knock on our MH door from KOA RV Park manager..evacuate immediately-tornado headed our way.sirens were blowing.sirens from firetrucks, etc. were was eeery and the air was hot, still and smelled funny...heavy won't believe what I gather up: jug of water/ flashlight/laptop/purse/ dog & leash/ PAUL/extra jacket, robe & raincoat over my pajamas...and then we ran toward the concrete clubhouse where the FEMA representative was waiting to tell us to stay away from the windows of the clubhouse and wait this out. IT WAS SCAREY..BLUE was shaking and we were were just soaking wet, as well as other parts of us! About 50 people in various stages of "dress" lots of robes and pj's were gathered with big and little dogs and kids...all waiting and watching the TV while the FEMA guy got radio contact about distance and speed of tornado's approach toward was surreal....we stayed until about 12:50a.m. and then went back to our rig in the torrential rain to wait until the next sirens sounded. Paul sat up, watched the TV and I slept fitfully until he could not stay awake and I took the next shift...BLUE was just panickey the whole time..the thunder/lightning was so loud. NO tornado touched down near us...but destroyed an airport close to us and a mobile home park near us.  I went back to the rig from the clubhouse and THIS time I was going to be ready..I packeed our small cooler chest with the wierdest things: family pictures, passports, motorhome insurance papers, medicines, camera, cell phones, chargers, THIS time I remembered the flashlights I had left in the motorhome the first time..anyway,,never did need to take 2nd evauation stuff...but I WAS ready...BLUE and I slept with TV going on the pull-out queen bed so Paul could sleep better since BLUE was shaking so bad and needed to be "touched" all night, was quite a night..about 3:30 A.M. Blue needed to go out..but would not go out in the lightning/ we all fell sound asleep and woke around 7a.m. to pack up quickly and get out of LittleRock..we saw no sights due to the storms.  We felt really like guardian angels were watching over us..about 5 tornado hits were around us...but none came over us..wind was very heavy and the unhooking was done in floodlike waters on our RV site..but we got away safely. much for ARK! it felt more like NOAH'S ARK..than a state in the USA TONIGHT (Friday nite) I am writing from our safe little RV haven in Branson, Missouri, where we settled in and headed for a great BBQ dinner OUT and then a show: the New Shanghai Chinese Acrobats..amazing and just beautiful!!! We got a video to share with family when we got home..since our two girls' families will be going to China sometime this year to get their new little adopted girls!! off to sleep in quiet skies..temps will be in 60's tomorrow but tonite it is about 37 degrees..still winter with bare trees and cool temps...but at least NO to you all..paul & fran

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