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Rather confusingly slept in until after 9, as my room has no windows and so when you turn out the light it´s pitch dark. Really confusing when you go out the door to orb-searing sunshine! I´d basically missed breakfast, so I headed to Kathy´s Waffle House, which turns out to be the most popular place on a Sunday morning for breakfast - the owner´s husband was pointing out all the people who´d come from Managua for the morning. Interestingly, he didn´t give names or professions for these people, everyone was just a ´big guy in Managua´. Read what you like into that description, I know I did from the looks of them! It was like a Nicaraguan Sopranos set around about 5 of the tables.

After scarfing down enough French toast to feed an army, I headed across the road to the old convent of San Francisco, which is now a cultural museum. There was a great photographic exhibit inside, which had many photos of Granada over the past 100 years. It illustrated just how much conservation and restoration has happened, most of it in the last 20 years. From the photos it looks like the trainline (now sadly defunct) used to go straight down the jetty for the ferry to Ometepe. At least they have a photo of a train carriage and engine next to the ferry, and people merrily hopping between them!

The museum also had a couple of tableaus depicting some games that the indigenous people used to indulge in. They mostly appear to consist of being blindfolded and tied upside down to a piece of wood, or blindfolded and swung from a great height on a very long rope. It´s possibly best not to delve too deeply.

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