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Crater of the Diamonds State Park did not yield any treasures for us other than ticks on BOTH BLUE and ourselves within the first hour of being in the campground and hooking up in the rain:(... Wathcing the diamond diggers sludge their way out of the pit with mud up to their armpits..well...crawling around did not appeal to us, so we left one day early and got lost, driving down very narrow back Arkansas roads that had been flooded recently!! saw lots of shack-like homes and then some awesome Southern mansion-like homes all on the same stretch of road. Also saw chicken farms, Longhorn steers and beautiful purple vine-like flowers on tall piney woods. Passed HOPE, Arkansas, the hometown of former Pres.Bill Clinton, but did not go to his presidential further comment on that..hope to see our first Civil War sites here in Little Rock tomorrow..missing family, so called Teri and got BOTH daughters on the phone..hearing reports that warmer temps back home might be actually THAWING the snow. today it is in the 50's and raining off and out raincoats first time this trip..soon will be in Branson, MO and will send more about what we see there...hoping to not get lost too much more...but knowing that the "adventures" of being lost often show us the backroads and byways that have surprises for us..some good ...some more challenging..God bless you all..paul, fran & BLue (p.s Blue is becoming a much better traveler..less panting and shaking each trip out)

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