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St Joseph Peninsula was probably once a barrier island that got reconnected to the mainland. It is oriented 90 degrees to the direction of St George Island, so you can see the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico. We arrived after a relatively short drive of less than 75 miles and a shopping trip to a "Piggly Wiggly" supermarket in Apalachicola.

Tom barely had a chance to reconnoiter, before a heavy rain came down. We had planned chicken wraps from the Bar-B-Q leftovers, so there was no need to cook outdoors in the rain. We decided not to honor eastern daylight time, since we would soon be in the central time zone and going back and forth would just upset our internal clocks, so we were eating an hour later than the others in the campsite who were walking their dogs in the rain as we had "Hush Puppies" for an appetizer. Anne had remembered eating this Southern concoction as a child with fresh caught fish. Tom will try to catch some fish tomorrow.

While our internet connection over the iPhone was marginal, Anne managed to find a place down the road (she rode her bike) where there was a good enough signal to get on the web and change our plans once again. We realized that by skipping the two inland parks in the northern part of the panhandle of Florida, we would have a very long (450 miles) drive to the Georgia shore where we had booked new accommodations. So, she got us in at St. George Island where she had loved the beach. This cuts over 150 miles from our trip making the drive easier and gets us in a park we really loved. So, we have 4 days more at St. George after our most western point in the panhandle of Grayton Beach where we go next. Oh, Tom hasn't caught any fish yet.

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