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Bridge to St George

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The broken hatch cover

The field fix

Path to the beach


Sand sculpture

Sea shells

Rain patterns


After an 8 mile bike ride

Coffee in the wild

I got it! (Anne's new loom is a real learning experience).

A lovely new pattern

Bay side of the Island






St, George Island is a long, narrow barrier island a few miles from shore and connected by a bridge. While most is developed (condos, etc with lots of FOR SALE signs), the east end is 9 miles of state park with one of the most beautiful beaches we have seen. On our first afternoon while Tom was making repairs to the bathroom vent cover, Anne walked to the beach and came back an hour later bubbling with excitement. Toward sunset, after the cover fix was finished, Tom went off with his camera to capture the rays of late afternoon sun and the long shadows produced by the sand and shells.

The next day, Sunday, we coped with the daylight savings time change and lazed around until later in the afternoon, Anne mounted her bicycle and headed down the road to the ranger station which is 4.5 miles away. The peddle back was slightly uphill and against the wind. She likened the trip to a good work-out at the gym. We ate dinner later than usual since we were still on a "standard time hungry." Bar-B-Q chicken was the meal since Tom did not catch any fish during his hour of casting into the surf that afternoon.

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