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YES. we finally left NewMexico on Thursday of last week and headed to SanAntonio, TEXAS to see the Alamo and "do" the Riverwalk/we went into SanAntonio on Friday eve, had Mexican on the riverfront, took the wonderful boat trip around the river sites and headed back to our little RV park on Boerne, TX. WE lost on the road and LOST from each other on Friday nite. That's a long story..but we DID find each other in the pouring rain in downtown S.A....went back there on Saturday and were in the middle of a very BUSY time: it was Cesar Chavez March Day right AT the Alamo grounds and the streets were blocked off and lots of police officers on foot/ motorcycles, horses, etc. to "patrol" in case of any problems..we saw a Chicano Harley GROUP in the march, people dressed up like Aztec indians and dancing, mariachi bands, high school kids, etc. large groups with banners, signs, and then a rally all while we were waiting in line to go into the was QUITE exciting!!! (you can "google" Cesar Chavez, if you don't know WHO that is..) one sign said, "what about OUR History Month?"...STOP the war in Iraq, another one saying God loves all colors of people equally. THIS state is very much the Bible belt as everywhere on local streets we see actual road signs saying "church" and we even went past John Hagee's BIG megachurch on the freeway into SanAntonio! Sat. nite we got back to little Boerne,Tx in time for Sat.Nite Mass ina VERY OLD looking historical church on Kronkowsky ST...this town is very German'Slavic, with German bakeries, we were not sure what to expect for Mass..we SANG PRAISE songs before MASS!!! and the priest asked any visitors to stand in introduce themselves..we did not..and the pastor came over to us with a mike and said, surely you are visitors and where are you from? we told them..and said we left home in snow and it was still snowing at home...many people greeted us after Mass..the music was amazing; the sanctuary space so modern and full of was great!!!! Sunday we headed out to Austin area and I got to have a wonderful reunion with my cousin, Carol (Frisby--my maiden name) Sieg and her husband, Rod...they came to our motorhome and we talked for a long time; and then went to her house for a great dinner and met her son who is headed off to Brigham Young Univ. in Utah very soon...Carol and her family are devout Mormons. I was so thrilled when Carol shared a beautiful photo album that had photos of my dad, his brother (Carol's dad, Don) and the whole Frisby clan back in Picayune, Mississippi...that was a great treat!! Carol's dad is the one who convinced my dad to move to Calif in 1964! to Rancho Bernardo. It was really heartwarming to re-tell old family stories and see the genealogy info. that Rod had gathered. We even were able to help identify some shirt-tail relations from the Roddell family that married into the Frisby clan. I am writing this update from a rest stop in Texas on our way to Arkansas to Murfreesboro...Crater of the Diamonds State Park..hummm....might get lucky and find a treasure!! we stopped last night at a KOA..just on a "whim" which we believe was a Holy Spirit nudge..we had been listening to our road music buddy, Wylie (our cowboy yodeler favorite singer) and did NOT realize that a tornado was headed in the same direction as we were going!! BUT when we checked into the KOA, they told us about it..needless to say, we watched the TV news and saw..yes..where we had stopped in Cado Mills, TX...was a pocket where only high winds and rain came and NO tornadoes..Dallas-FtWorth area got some wind damage, but we were thankfully OKAY...we believe in guardian angels and are so grateful to God for His continued protection for us..oh the "rest of the story" on our MH parts?? they came from Detroit to the Ford dealer in Las Cruces and wouldn't you know?? it was the wrong section of the drive shaft and had to be reordered...errgh...but they came the next day (Thursday) we spent 8 days in Las Cruces..oh well...will be back on "track" with our schedule starting with Branson, MO...we are getting into a pattern with our daily set-up and hook-up routine with the Mazda and so glad for a tow car to take our side trip "adventures" such as getting royally lost in SanAntonio on their big city "loops"...but we shall count them as adventures, especially in hind sight. miss and love you all..God bless and take care..will catch up when we can "connect" again.

TODAY (Tuesday) temps inthe 50's and very windy and challenging driving..but Paul is doing very well.

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