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We are going to go backwards alittle cause it’s taken me this long to decide which pictures to use. In a little town called Corsicana we found Pioneer Village. The area of town was not the best but you could not believe everything they had and we just kept going WOW!! WOW! Just the outside of the cabin takes your breath away. All those logs with morter or mud in between and fireplaces that I don’t want to chop wood for. There were handmade wooden chairs with animal hide seating or a wicker type. Weave. The baby carriages were beautiful with hand made quilts, pillows and even the bed was hand made. The toy room was a miniature of everything else cause it was all made by mom. Some of the dolls had cloth faces and some had porcelain. There were small carriages and sculpted toys of wood. Between the sitting room, kitchen and bedroom that was the extent of your house. You may have had a weaving loom in one corner, a piano if you had money, your guns or pistols over the fireplace but your powder horn near the door with the coat rack. The kitchen was simple one sink, a refrigerator that required ice you had to buy from the iceman and a stove you had to feed with wood.

The hardware store was amazing. Pot and pans hanging from the ceiling, some enamel and some tin and wood. It was the post office, answered the telephone and took messages. You could buy everything from candy to boots. They also carried the medicines, liniments and snake oil stuff. If anything needed to be typed up it’s not like today and listening to music was often a chore but back then well worth it. There was a whole shelf of whiskey jugs and some of them were designed to be discreet. Most of this stuff was behind heavy glass so picture taking was not easy.

Next was the blacksmith shop that was full of tools, all hand crafted with a bellows for the fire and an anvil with a big hammer? A big ole stagecoach was out front and all original. A little ways away were grave marker of famous horses of the day like Easy Jet Decision, Solo, Handy Dexter Leo, Charlie M and Scooper Strike. They were either racehorses or policeman horses. There were plows that you need a horse to use. Fine carriages, freight wagons, reins, bits, horse yokes and bridles.

The sheriff’s office was next and they even had outside cells. Inside were guns, pistols, police force hats, handguns, old money and more. There were some of their famous deeds like capturing Bonny and Clyde. They had photos of all their guns and car full of holes. They even had their murder pictures and they were vivid. Along with that was a signed picture of the sheriff that captured Lee Harvey Oswald. There were pictures of famous musicians that I had never heard of and a lot of their instruments, clothing, belts, fancy jackets, rings and all sorts of stuff. Along another wall was arrowheads of all shapes and sizes. Some of these were used for arrows and other for spears. They were so amazing. To see handcuffs and all those guns of all calibers. Policemen uniforms that had to be so hot cause they looked like they were made of wool.

One small building was dedicated to the civil war for both sides. There were uniforms, messenger bags, guns, gun powder horns, swords and medals. I’m talking about full uniforms with hats. One was an officer uniform with many metals on them. The swords were all hung up neatly with their scabbards. There were even civil war pictures of groups of soldiers and then some with their families. War always hits not only the poor but the rich also.

I could write forever on this because it was all so interesting and fascinating to us. To see how the past was formed and then we look at today!!!!!

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