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Narrow passage

Yesterday we awoke to an ominous looking sky. We still had no internet service here at the campground. After our usual morning coffee, I took the laptop computer to McDonalds to get the journal entry posted. When I walked in I saw an old friend sitting with his wife. Herman had been the company manager when the company I flew for was sold. He and his wife, Margaret, are very nice people. Herman had flown KC-135 tankers in the US Air Force, and it was a pleasure to have him as one of our frequent passengers on board our flights.

So I sat with Herman & Margaret, visiting and catching up on our lives over the past 10 years or so. They also have many friends living here in Hannibal and soon the round table was filled with new people, friends of Herman & Margaret. Lively conversation and laughter filled the air. Once our friends left, I moved to a smaller table and worked with the computer, getting the journal entry posted.

As I sat there, I noticed that it was pouring rain outside. The rest of the day we had intermittent rain and wind.

Once I returned to the campground, I was just in time to attend a staff meeting, which lasted for half an hour, then I took Marilyn, Gretchen, and Matt on a familiarization tour of the Cameron Cave. Everyone enjoyed that and Marilyn took lots of photographs of the bats hibernating in Cameron Cave.

Later, I drove the “Gator” up to the cave and cleaned up the briefing room, sweeping the floor and wiping down the chairs. Now we can begin giving tours of Cameron Cave.

It began pouring rain as I started down the ¼ mile path from Cameron cave to the gift shop, and I got wet, which required a walk to the RV to put on some dry clothing.

After lunch I was asked to give one tour of Mark Twain cave. Meghan accompanied us as she is learning the route and the light switches. It was a good group and the tour was fun for everyone.

The remainder of the day was spent relaxing and watching some TV.

We had internet service last night before we went to bed, so I’ll check it out again this morning and see if we can get on. If we can, I’ll get some bat pictures for you. 

The campground officially opens today, but we have 5 RV’s parked here at this time.

I didn’t get the call made yesterday, to reserve a site at ABC campground in Branson beginning June 1st, so I will try to do that today.

There is a school group arriving to tour the cave today at 11:00 AM. I will probably do one of those tours. It is nice doing only one tour a day. Some days I do none at all, but I enjoy having something to do as long as it is on my own terms. 

Jennifer and Colby are coming in to visit us today so you may expect to see a few new pictures of Colby tomorrow. That is, if we have internet service.

Well, dear readers, Marilyn has coffee on and I want to spend some time with her before we get started on the day.

We just can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

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