Madeline's France Exchange 2008 travel blog

I exchange email addresses with my nodding namesake and we gather out belongings to leave the plane. Nantes Atlantique is a really tiny airport. well, it seemed tiny to my anyway, since i'm used to Toronto Pearson. We enter the airport and find ourselves already in the baggage claim room, which, if you can believe it, is a glass room. I run to the window and spot my exchange partner Lauren and her Mother, I wave and smile, and in reality I would look silly, but there are 50 other people doing the same thing. I head back to the carosel where the suitcases and duffels are coming out already. And I wait. And wait. after 30 minutes or so, I was HATING those glass walls..most of the other families had already left, leaving me and a few other unlucky ones waiting for our bags, trying not to look stupid just standing there..I mean after you wave and smile cheesily a few million times what do you do? wave some more? well I finally collected my two large and HEAVY (I was .5 kilo over the weight requirements) red suitcases, and I made my way out to Lauren and her Mum. We load my bags into the tiny Volkswagon golf, and they take me on a mini tour of Nantes..we pick up her little sister Alicia from school (she's 11), and finally get to they're house. It's only 10 minutes away from the town center of Nantes, and it's pretty much 'one up one down', as my mum would say. There are 50 stairs in total, I counted already...and I'm on the very top floor. Well at least i'll get a workout. Lauren very kindly gave up her room for me and is sharing with her sister next door. She's a LOT neater than I am, which could prove to be a problem...

Lauren's parents went out for dinner with friends, leaving me and Lauren and her Sister to eat pizza. By 8:30 i'm so tired I take my first fall down the stairs (looks like I can be a klutz in any country...what a long day! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........

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