Madeline's France Exchange 2008 travel blog

that's me and breanne waiting in CDG...before I passed out

So. tired. Uttterly exhausted, really and truly. The flight from Toronto to Paris passed smoothly enough, but now we're all stuck (by ALL i mean myself and the other 50-or-so exchange students) in the Paris charles de gaulle airport for no less than seven hours. Now THAT is one heck of a doesn't help that they checked us into the gate right away and all the shopping is on the other side of security. The most interesting thing we have is the vending machine and a café where the croissants looked dodgier than the airplane food. I buy a pop from the vending machine and share it with my new friend (breanne, i think, but I'm too tired to remember). After an hour or so the caffeine has already worn off, and I try to find a comfortable sleeping position in my hard plastic airport seat. I settle for bent over at the waist, head in between my knees. I guess if you're tired enough, you can sleep anywhere. I weave in and out of a light sleep, and I must look terrible when i lift my head, because a girl from the group that I don't know comes over and asks if "I'm, like, depressed or something." I seem to remember grunting a reply and falling back asleep. Our plane finally gets in and we leave Paris for Nantes at around one o'clock, france time. We're more spread apart on this flight, and I get sat next to a girl called, if you can believe it, madeline. I never meet people who share my name, and we're sitting side by side on the same flight, about to start what could be the best experience of our lives. she's very nice, I can tell that she'd be a great psychiatrist. she asks me lots of questions and nods with her head tilted to the side. when you watch her for a while, she looks a tad bit like a dashboard ornament, in the nicest way possible. the food on this flight is actually very good by airplane standards, and in no time we're landing again (the flight is only an hour long). I'll finally be reunited with my exchange partner, but this time i'm the fish out of water...

France revelation #1: The orange blobs on french pastries that I always thought were egg yolks are actually apricots. Better than eggs but still gross.

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