Happy Trailer's Alaska Journey 2008 travel blog

RVs at the ATI Casino

Jane and Desirae, cute

All of us on the Colorado River

We broke up our trip to Las Vegas from Verde Valley by spending the night dry camping (without hookups) in Laughlin, Nevada at the AVI Casino. Many casinos encourage RVers to stay free if you sign up for one of their cards. It was a nice casino on the Colorado River and the temperature was very comfortable so we wouldn't need to run our generaters much at all. Lynne, Jane and Pam went to check out an outdoor market they had on the casino grounds made up of vendors mostly from Quartzsite, Az, which is a huge gathering of RVs in the middle of the desert every year mostly in Dec, Jan and Feb. We bought a few things and Jane bought a carrier for Desirae.

We enjoyed a nice buffet at the Casino and then tried our hands at the slot machines. They aren't exactly one armed bandits anymore (this dates me, I know). You put your casino card in, paper bills and then push buttons. Where's the fun, the exercise? We really aren't what you could call gamblers. We all lost a tiny bit of money except for Lynne, our lucky one, who cleared $100.00.

To end the evening we all took a stroll along the Colorado River.

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