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I wanna go boating

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We be Boatin'


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Thank goodness they give you booklets when you come in the park so you can see how to spell the names. LakeTawakoni is where we are now and the lake had flooded so there was only limited sites open. The water was quite high here and the carp were all over in the new shallows for some odd reason. HUH Rick, what’s that all about? The fish would come in groups and splash around for awhile and then leave. Tried to catch some but didn’t want any type of bait or lure. They were interesting to watch cause you could get up close and they didn’t seem to mind. The worst of it was when we first got here and we told Sadie we might not get to go boating, well her reaction speaks for it all.

We have been for lots of rides and seen many new additions to the area and had to stop to introduce myself. Calving season and foaling is well under way and they are beautiful to watch with those spindle legs running. There are many lakes in the area and a few are Lake Fork, Lake Lewisville, Lavon Lake, Grapevine Lake, Mountain Creek Lake, and Eagle Mountain Lake just to name a few. It is very nice area with lots of open space and the people are really nice also. Got our lovely taxes done down here and boy does Uncle Sam love us now we have no dependents or college bills. Enough of that depressing stuff, let’s move on to something good.

The water has gone down and out in the boat we went, dogs and all. Of course you will notice who has their life jackets on and who doesn’t. We even went fishing from the boat and Ruby would get so excited that she could see another fish. When we were by those carp she wanted to jump in the water with them. So ever since Dennis caught that first fish she runs around the shoreline outside our RV and is always in the water. She pulls out sticks, weeds, and all sorts of lake stuff. Before we couldn’t get her near water now we can’t keep her away from it.

Lots of flat areas to walk so you know I go walking a lot. The flowers are coming out so it just smells heavenly. But then some of those flowers make me sneeze. People are mowing lawns and planting gardens. Some people in this area have hot houses so there are tomatoes. Peppers, squash, and cucumbers ready to eat. Well enough of my rambling and I’ll let you know how that tomato sandwich was.

We have many birds around the Rv and this Bluebird got close enough for a shot. It’s nice waking up in the morning to Cardinals, Bluebirds and Mockingbirds singing all around us.

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