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There is one more seminar the men want to take this morning and that is the Cummins Engine seminar. Sandra cleans up and gets the coach ready for departure before heading for the lounge. There is a Tupperware party going on; they have cooked chicken which is free for all to try. We are liking this place way too much - lots of free food!

After the seminar, we say goodbye to our new Monaco friends, exchange emails with Pete & Eva and head out to leave.

As we are leaving, a lady in the parking lot tells us one of our lights is not working, so we go into the Monaco store on site to see if they have a bulb. As it turns out, they don't, so we leave anyway. We are only going as far as Woodburn, about 70 miles from here. There is an RV park next to the outlet mall there, and the boys want to go to the LEGO store in Tigard, so it seems to be the best place to stay. We have stayed there a few times before and like it.

It is hard driving out of the Monaco lot - it feels like we are definitely on our way home now!

On our way to Woodburn, the boys talk about all the things they have learned in the seminar this morning; it sounds like they paid attention and have learned a lot.

We check into the park and depart for Tigard, which is in the greater Portland area. At the mall there is the Apple store as well as the LEGO store, so it is a double whammy. At the Apple store, we check our emails; they have nice big screens! We find out we better go home tomorrow, since baseball season is on the verge of starting. Practices are scheduled for this weekend; the boys should attend those.

At the LEGO store, Connor finds a couple of kits he would like, but he does not have enough money for either. We have a discussion about how much money he has and how he is going to pay the difference. We leave it up to him how far in debt he wants to go; he decides on the less pricey kit and will owe us $20. We laid out all the pros and cons and explained to him that this is what happens in real life too. You work and only have so much money; you have to decide how you want to spend your hard-earned money. He took quite a bit of time to come to his decision, which is a good lesson.

We pass through Sears, where we fluke into some shoes for Evan and we do find headlights for the motorhome as well.

Tomorrow will be our LAST day....!!!

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