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Go the girls!!

Well the boys did have two to move

Main street Pioneer Park

Look Nanna, it's a pianola!

Comfy old Dodge

thought Grumpa might like this one!

Disappointed again

I tnink Todd wants me to go back to work! The old...

I'll go back to teaching if the school has one of these!!

How gorgeous is this face?

Lachy the cricketer, Hamish the bushranger and Keely the lady

Thought Granny and Nanna would love these

i don't think they believe people REALLY had outside toilets

Well I thought we were going to have a sleepless night with the party next door. The road to the house goes right past the back of our row of vans and up till about 11 pm there were cars racing up to the party. After that they stopped though and we all got a good nights sleep.

We got up for our 9am pancakes which were delicious! They had maple syrup and everything! Very progressive caravan park owners with plenty of energy. After pancakes, the kids hired some pedal bikes and spent an hour on the bike track. The kids then met with all the other kids in the park to go on a scavenger hunt. Wow! What chaos! Kids running everywhere. Some even had 2 ways!!

Just got back from the Pioneer Park. It was fantastic! It was a small street with old fashioned shops, houses, factories etc. The whole park is run by volunteers and they do a great job. We saw all manner of old farming machinery and found out lots of interesting facts. One amazing thing we saw was the Kaiser Stereoscopic theatre. We were all enthralled as we looked into the eyepieces and saw old 3D images from all over Europe. The photos were so intricate and detailed and had depth like the 3D things of today. I have never heard of or seen such a thing before. Even the boys were entralled! I think it was almost as interesting as playstation!

We were driven around the park in an old Dodge which is much bigger than it looks, and despite being bumpy was really comfortable. We had a ride in a horse drawn carriage and of course sampled the icecream and lolly shops! A great tourist attraction for a small town. The kids dressed up in old fashioned clothes and we got some great sepia photos.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to go on the river cruise - the paddle boat was broken and won't be fixed until tomorrow! Not having much luck with those town icons!!

The results are just in from the scavenger hunt this morning. The park was abuzz with excitement as hoardes of kids ran around trying to get the answers to all the questions on the list (how many recycling bins in the park,how deep is the pool etc).

Keely and Lachlan soon alienated Hamish because he was too slow so I helped him out. I also told him that the first entries in weren't necessarily the ones that would win. You needed to be sure your answers were right. Of course Lachlan's were DEFINITELY right after about 5 minutes! Anyway, Hamish was one of only 3 who got all his answers right! Slow and steady wins the race!

We are off to the Murray Downs Golf Resort tonight for dinner. Todd checked it out this morning and says it is really family friendly with reasonably priced meals and a supervised kids playroom complete with playstations, computers etc. Kids are happy and so are we! At dusk we are heading back to the Pioneer Park to see a light and sound show. Should be interesting.

Todd played 9 holes this morning and if you're reading this Cookie, make sure you play it. It's great!!

Just got back from the sound and light show which was really great. We went around the Pioneer Park on a little train thing and as we passed each shop front or business, it lit up and we heard the sounds that would have been heard and commentary from someone who would have been there in the day. It was fantastic.

Goodnight, now Todd has a joke about our tour guide who had a slight speech impediment. (Please note, He has had a few beers!)

Slight my arse!

Undoubtedly the highlight of the trip so far was the night guided tour - or more to the point the tour guide.

After cracking us up with information about the "the thwee stwipes on the flag that wepwesent the Muwway, the Muwwabor, and the Muwwambidgee wiver", he then went on to absolutely floor us with his comment that because he "can't pwonounce the abowiginal name for the Muwway Wivva" then he would just tell us the English name which is - wait for it - "The Pwatypus"

Thwow him to the fwoor centuwion - vewy woughly!

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