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Gateway to the Applacian trail

Amicalola Falls

A chilly day at the falls

After a 4 day stay at Horseshoe Resort.. We headed for some beautiful area’s in the mountains of Georgia. We chose Amicalola State Park, a Cherokee Indian word meaning ”tumbling waters.” It is an appropriate name for the 729 foot falls, the tallest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi. The drive to the Park was very scenic. We saw lots of ups and downs and tight curves... Just before we got to the Park, it started snowing. At first just a few flakes, but pretty soon the wiper blades were moving lots of slush. By the time we got parked in the parking lot, went to the welcome center, and got Bridget ready to go on a hike... there was no sign of snow!

Because of the snow I chose to get my light winter jacket and mittens! I wasn’t ready for the cold! People who start the Appalachian trail start at this park and take the 8 mile approach trail to Spencer mountain. I have always been fascinated by the Appalachian trail, and have gone out of my way on several trips to walk a few miles of the 2200 total miles. So I had to stand under the arch that is considered the first link to the trail!

The hike to the middle of the falls was listed as a moderate walk. To continue there to the top involved 604 steps! I wouldn’t have done it. I was wondering if Dave and Bridget might want to go... but when we got to the area with the steps... the steps were metal steps... like the old fire escapes... No way Bridget would even step on them! Dave didn’t want to go either. We took lots of pictures at the mid way point. We drove to the top!

I enjoyed looking at the wild flowers! I love it when I see Ader tongue. I remember when I thought I might never see it again...(I must have been suffering my winter depression) But the spring after Ian was born, I discovered when walking him in Alliance that there is a house close to the college that has Ader tongue for a ground cover! We saw something that looked like strawberry blossoms, but not strawberry leaves! Then I started seeing a triple leaf plant that looked like my favorite trillium, but the bloom that was just starting didn’t look right at all. Later when I was looking at a gardening magazine, I found a picture of this 3 leaf wildflower... It is called Wakerobin (Trillium sessile). I don’t think it is native to Ohio. I have never seen it, and I have spent a lot of time looking at wild flowers!

After our lovely walk, we went to the lodge to register. Our powerful diesel had no problem climbing the hills, but there were times I was sure it would be too long to navigate the curves! But we did. The Lodge was magnificent! I could picture Budd and Grace going there for a visit... Or Tom and Debbie... who would also enjoy the hikes! The view from the lodge was unbelievable! From there we went to a very lovely campground. I have been very impressed with the camping facilities in State Parks. I think we will be visiting them more often.

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