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Up early today so I could say goodbye to Sandra and Jake. Shipped off some stuff to the States and then headed to the train station. Grabbed some lunch for the ride and jumped on the Eurostar about noon for my ride to Paris. The highlight of this trip was that I was going to be able to go through the Chunnel (apparently nobody in Europe calls it the's simply the Channel Tunnel). Unfortunately this was woefully anticlimactic but it was something I wanted to do and now I've done it. Off the train about three hours later and jumped on the Paris Metro. Found my hostel no problem. However, after I'd checked in I wished I hadn't found it. I had chosen this particular place because of it's proximity to town but apparently it was one of the cheaper options. It showed. Grabbed dinner at KFC and, as the grease was dripping onto my clean pants, was reminded why I don't eat a lot of that garbage. Went back to the hostel and read a bit before going to bed about 11:00 after my roommates returned.

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