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Sunset over the Mexican Pipeline

´Geek chic´

Anyone for cabbage?

Palenque ruins

Cathedral by night, San Cristobal

We arrived in Puerto Escondido to find that we had an amazing room with a balcony overlooking the ´Mexican Pipeline´ - huge rolling waves along the coastline, and a big surfers hangout. We spent a couple of days chilling out on the beach and cooling off in the sea (it was HOT!)

On our 2nd night we headed down to the beach with a couple of beers to watch the sunset over the waves when Morris from 24 (Chloe´s husband) fell out of the sky (well, not exactly ´fell´ so much as parachuted). Anyway, it was all very surreal.

From one extreme to the other, a 14 hour bus journey took us to a cold and rainy San Cristobal where Chris christened his pac-a-mac - geek chic at it´s best! We spent the day pottering around town, soaking up the atmosphere and searching the markets where we learnt; they like to pile their fruit in pretty pyramids, they like their chickens fresh (i.e. still moving!) and they eat A LOT of cabbage!

I´m (Lisa) slowly deleveloping my taste buds and tried out Pollo de la Mexicana (no picante - I´m not THAT adventurous!) in a great little family-run restaurant - Restaurant Bugambilias.

The next day, we boarded the bus to Palenque and despite our dodgy stomachs we quite enjoyed the trip through dramatic hills, lush green jungle and traditional communities. It´s amazing how the faces and costumes have changed since the start of our trip.

Our next stop was El Panchan, a little community in the jungle, where we stayed at the ´Jungle Palace´- not so much of a palace than a hut on stilts with a resident lizard!

It was quite disappointing to realise that the first thing we did on entering the jungle was to find the internet hut (the wonders of modern technology!)

Afterwards, we emersed ourselves in jungle life, had a good meal and found a ´bar´ which turned out to be hosting hippy night, with the obligatory guitars, bongos and fire-throwing!

Yesterday we had a hot and sweaty day at the Palenque ruins, which are spectacular and set right in the jungle - as usual each one had it´s own set of very steep sets for us to climb in the blistering heat. On the way out we heard what sounded like jungle monsters roaring in the tree tops - it was actually howling monkeys, but I´m still not sure I´d want to be there at night!

We arrived in Campeche at 3.30am this morning - more next time...

Hope you´re all well.

Lisa & Chris xx

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