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Today marks one week for us in LasCruces, NM. and the parts to repair our drive shaft came from Detroit yesterday at 1pm and at 3pm they called us to say that the parts were the wrong parts and will be re-ordered and air-freighted (???) today we are in NexMexico probably until Friday or??? today we are getting so skilled at connecting and disconnecting our rig (each nite we get to take it "home" to our RV spot) and then we wait..we can't go too far from LasCruces to do touring since we never know if they want us to come get it or if they will keep feels like a rollercoaster ride for us..but we keep thinking..Thanks to GOD we were NOT hurt and no body damage happened...we HOPE to take the long drive (now shortened to one day) to SanAntonio on Friday...but it this point..we feel like Murphy's Law is prevailing! we are grateful for cell phoones and internet connection to the world! Talked with John last nite and were glad he was NOT part of the ship mishap in Dutch Harbor/Alaska rough waters (he was on a Coast Guard icebreaker for a spell) and our family in Spokene had SNOW for Easter Sunday...we were in 80 degree weather with sun! At least this RV Park is soo nice and they even let us bring Blue(the DOG) into the lobby yesterday when were without our motorhome and it was too hot for him in the car. HOPE our next log is to tellyou were are ON the ROAD to all...fran & paul

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