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When we were in Thailand last fall we took a bike tour and were accompanied by a van driver who brought our bikes when the traffic was too heavy for riding and followed us just in case we had had enough riding. On the dashboard he had a small statue of Buddha where some Christians might have a statue of St. Christopher. We had an opportunity to buy one and it has been sitting on the dashboard of our motor home ever since. And today, because of or in spite of Buddha, we arrived safely home. The temperature was 50ยบ higher than on the day we left and the sun was out. It's not Florida, but it was good unpacking weather and there are piles of stuff sitting all over our stick house. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow, so our bike riding and beach days are over for now. It's hard to tiptoe unnoticed into the neighborhood with a forty foot motor home (not that we would want to) and our friendly neighbors have already filled us in on the developments we missed this winter. It won't be long before we'll feel as if we never left.

When it comes to winter weather, Florida was the most reliably warm of the destinations we've tried out since retirement. And it was also by far the most expensive. The coastal areas were all attractive. If we go again, it might make economic sense to stay in one spot for a month and get better rates than we did by the day. Being able to move on when the mood struck was a great way to go, but it cost. It's probably worth making some reservations ahead of time. We really did not know much about Georgia except for Atlanta and were quite impressed by the rural areas and countryside. The land was rolling and many of the homes were attractively landscaped. The things to see and do there are less well known, but charming and worth spending some time.

We were worried about being affected by Spring Breakers - finding campgrounds full and being overwhelmed by folks without wrinkles. Easter was especially early this year, but many spring breaks are at a standard time these days. Whatever the reason, this turned out not to be an issue. Perhaps we left Florida before many of the breakers got there.

Living in the motor home was so comfortable, we could easily imagine living in it full time as many folks do. Now that we're home again, the house feels so big and filled with stuff that we apparently didn't need all winter. But it feels good to have a home base and to be in a place where everything is familiar and easily accessed. If the price of diesel continues to rise, we may have to revisit the wisdom of having a moving home, but as long as we don't buy diesel around here, we still can afford those 120 gallon fill ups. We feel as if we've won the lottery!

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