The Inaugural Voyage - Winter 2008 travel blog

Psychologically, we are ready to be home, but the drive from Louisville was a bit far, especially with the unexpectedly heavy traffic in Kentucky. It was mostly trucks and bogged down to a crawl at time for no apparent reason. We also got a late start because Ken took advantage of the huge empty parking lot at Opry Mills to give me a driving lesson. It's been about ten years since I totaled our travel trailer and car. I wasn't that fond of driving with the trailer even before that, but always felt that it was safer for us both if I did my share of the driving. I like to feel that we are a team and I'm doing my share. No more. The anxiety I feel, even sitting in the passenger seat of the motor home when the road is narrow, makes it hard to imagine being at the wheel. Ken is willing to do it all, but even Superman shouldn't drive too much in any one day. So, in the empty lot I practiced turning, accelerating and backing. Not so bad when no one else was around. If we get in a jam, now I won't be a total nincompoop. So here we are an hour south of Indianapolis, cleaning the rig both inside and out and getting ready to be home. Now that we can no longer park in the driveway, it's hard to do much home maintenance in the street. Plus, we are a pain in the neck to all our understanding neighbors. It would have been nice to get a bit further north, but those campgrounds don't open until April 1. Judging by the temperatures lately, they have a point. So one more day ought to do it.

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