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Still in Las Cruces, NewMexico..great weather! Easter was wonderful..went to historical old church Sat.nite Easter Vigil, candles, bells, incense, 4 babies baptized; passionate, energetic singing..awesome. sat near lady with two daughters about Katie and Betsy's ages..missed our granddaughters..they were dress to the max with organdy dresses, white patened(sp?) leather shoes and fancy French braided hair/ I got to attend a very close by Presbyterian church Easter Sunday morn..and they finished services by inviting ANYONE visiting, or member to JOIN the 80 voice choir and sing the Hallelujah chorus (from the Messiah,Handel) with trumpets, organ, piano, was AWESOME!! An Easter memory for sure for me!!

UPDATE: parts coming from Detroit,MICH., priority shipping/ins.paying..thanks be to GOD/ and they should come today late will take approx. 4 we could be heading to Texas by Thursday a.m....we are reading, walking Blue, doing some shopping/Paul went to a hobby shop for train stuff/a I went to bookstore and was very happy there..local pecans are big thing, so we enjoyed a pecan pie and a favorite Mexican food really big here...true Sopapillas..with HONEY..our family enjoyed these in Scottsdale lloooong ago at a restaurant called Pancho' to all..hope next update says our drive shaft and exhaust system is fully replaced and functional....meeting lots of nice people from all over in the lovely RV Park,,free breakfast (waffles, toast, cereal, hard boiled eggs, juice, coffee, fruit, etc...very nice..more to all..fran & paul

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