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We slept in today until 8:30! We didn't enjoy our nice traditional Easter breakfast of hudanutcha(sp) (Croatian sweet bread) and hard boiled eggs. We had a feast of eggs, hamburgers, mac & cheese, peas and pizza. We needed to eat up our leftovers because we are moving on and losing our refridgerator. After mass (where the priest gave candy to all the kids) we found a farmers market and got some good fruit. We are now going to relax at the beach for a bit and head south to Nelson Lakes National Park.

One thing we noticed about New Zealand is that shoes are optional. People walk around in barefeet everywhere from the beach, city sidewalks, the grocery store, and even the usher at church. No shoes, no shirt, no business signs do not apply in NZ.

The other thing we noticed about NZ is that they listen to American 80's music and watch a lot of america shows (e.g American Idol, CSI). There are only 3 TV channels in every place we've been and maybe 2 radio stations that come in at any given time.

We're off to the beach, Happy Easter everyone!

Happy birthday Staci, hope you are having a great time in Singapore.

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