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Swim with the Dolphins attraction at Anthony's Key

Anthony's Key on the north west coast


There are some beautiful white beaches on the quiet north coast

We found these 3 boys drifting off to sea in their dingy...


Large, new development on the north shore

North shore with the little settlement referred to as The Colonia in...

Filling the boat with water in West End (16 of these 5...

Riding out the storm with the neighbours

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Exploring the north shore

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Stormy weather in West End

Another 2 weeks slipped by in West End. Santa Semana, or Easter Week is the busiest time of the year as Hondurans from the mainland and tourists from Central and South America flock to the beaches to celebrate the Easter weekend in a ritual somewhat like our May 24 weekend.

There are many religious celebrations as well but in West End the atmosphere is much more like Wasaga Beach with families, couples and crowds of young people descending upon the town. Store and business owners were out at the last minute adding fresh coats of paint to their buildings and fences. Several new establishments literally opened up just in time for the big week. Places that we have walked past for months without seeing a soul were packed solid with patrons and most of our favorite little eating spots had no tables to spare.

It made for an interesting week people watching. We found ourselves out at Fosters dancing until 3:30 a.m., closer to when we usually wake up than go to bed. I have created a monster. I could barely drag the Captain out on to the dance floor in the past but the combination of hot blooded Latin, soca and reggae music has made a new man out of him.

We explored along the north coast by dingy one day, up past Anthony’s Key and Sandy Bay. Once we passed this busy tourist area and headed further east there were huge undeveloped areas of country and miles of empty shoreline. We rescued 3 young boys who had floated away from their family in a little dingy and towed them back.

All the boaters were caught off guard when a much stronger front than anticipated arrived on Easter weekend. Luckily we had snagged the best mooring ball in the harbor and rode the storm out with no problems. However, 2 other mooring balls were pulled out of the ground in the storm and the boaters had to quickly drop their anchors.

One morning we woke up, looked up at each other over coffee, read each other’s minds and said “Let’s go to Guanaja.” About an hour later we were on our way, off to see the 3rd of the Honduras Bay Islands.

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