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Our wake up call is 5.30 am but we´re already awake as howler monkeys start before the sun comes up. After a quick breakfast we get back in the boat for an hour upriver to hike to a land locked (oxbow) lake. After an hour or so hike we get on a pontoon type boat with the neatest rudder / paddle system. We saw lots more critters, different monkeys a HUGE tarantula, macaws, parrots, capybaras.....lots of stuff. the lake has pirrahna but we didn´t see any, just angel fish and tetras.

We hiked back to the boat, back down to the river and are back at the lodge by noon. After a yummy lunch we have time to relax but some of us decide to go swimming. Yup. The fear of caimans and pirhanna is not holding US back. It was VERY refreshing.

Mike went on a farm tour and I was supposed to go on another walk but it started to rain. That´s not a big deal. After all, it IS the rainforest but the the wind is dangerous as a brazil nut landing on your head from 30 feet up could kill you.

After supper we got back on the boat to go caiman hunting. AWESOME. We saw about 7 or 8 of them.

The next morning we got to sleep in again but those howler monkeys...... More photos of birds, flowers and mushrooms and brekky and we go to board the boat and there´s Julia. She´s a huge black caiman and she´s waiting to say good bye. Totally cool. They´ve assured us that unlike crocs, caimans are not dangerous to humans but Julias smile doesn´t look too friendly.

I love the jungle. We didn´t spend enough time there. One day I WILL go back!

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