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Our trusty porters

Cactus and view

The "before" picture

Here we go. It´s the hike we´ve been dreading, anticipating and dreaming of. After a 5 am wake up call, 5.30 brekky and 6 am in the bus with the absolute minimum of gear we´re ready (sort of) to go.

At 8 am we arrive at kilometre 82 to check in and have our passport stamped, a `before` group photo and we´re off. At first it´s pretty nice but it´s warm and we´re stripped down to tee shirts in no time. Then we see the HILL. 300 metres straight up and this is the easy day. Up is tiring but down is tougher and it´s 300 metres straight down again. The next 11 km aren´t too bad and we´re at camp around 2 pm, exhausted but proud of what we accomplished.

After an absolutely delicious lunch prepared by our chef and porters, complete with table and chairs we´re free to take pictures of all the hummingbirds and watch the crazy porters play SOCCER. Yes, soccer. Not only do they carry 25 kg of gear and beat us to the site to set up all OUR tents, the dining tent, cooking tent AND prepare our dinner, they have energy to play soccer! They are an amazing bunch!

Tea time´s at 5 with popcorn and biscuits and jam and then we settle down to some cards. Hearts doesn´t go over well so we switch to asshole. Yup. We call it scum but Willington (our humorous guide) insists it´s called asshole.

Jesus (yup, there´s lots of them here) is our assistant guide and he generally walks behind with us slow ones. I like to go slow. I want to enjoy the views and take lots of photos.

Dinner is at 7 and again delicious. They even set a lovely table! After dinner we find out what´s going on tomorrow and by 8.30 we´re all down for the night. The tents are incredibly cozy and before long there´s lots of giggles about stripping all over camp. Yes, we´re adults but you gotta wonder. It feels like a kids camp at times. We range in age from 24 to 56.

Tomorrow´s going to be tough!

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