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Sandboarding at Ica

Mummy at the desert museum

Huacachina Oasis


The heat finally caught up to us today. 3 days of over 30 degrees and we´re wilting. This morning we toured a desert museum with mummies and Nazca pottery. It was scorching hot at 8:30 in the morning but worth it as it´s fascinating. It never rains here which is why the mummies and the lines are so well preserved.

Then we hopped the bus for the "airport" where we boarded a 6 seater cesna to see the Nazca lines. There´s a fascinating phenomenon as despite many years and several archeologists studying them, they still don´t know why they are there, who did them and how. What a flight! Banking right and left and up and down to see things made several people sick. What fun.

We went to a potter´s studio to see how they make reproductions of Nazca pottery. Time consuming tedious art produces beautiful (sometimes erotic?¿) things. It would have been nice to buy something but keeping it safe in a back pack for the next couple of weeks just doesn´t appeal.

Next off to the town of Nazca to experience lunch. Again we ordered something we couldn´t identify but it tasted good. Mike had green spaghetti and beef. It was awesome! My pollo (chicken) was okay.

WE had the option of touring the aquaducts. I would have loved to. They are an amazing design by the Incas used for irrigation and to bring water to villages like Nazca where it never rains. However, everyone was exhausted and some suffering from a bit of montezuma´s revenge so we went to the hotel for a swim and relax. Dinner tonight promises to be another experience. It was ordered this morning. They´re cooking it underground. Hmmm. Tonight will be spent on a bus. We don´t expect much rest but we´re all up for the adventure as that´s what this is all about.

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