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Poisoness Banana Spider


23 54.6 North

75 03.3 West

Thompson Bay,

Long Island, Bahamas

As we wave a hearty good bye to SCANDIA and her friends we begin making plans for our stay on Long Island. We have reserved a car rental for 24 hours beginning tomorrow to take the tour of the island. We make the long dinghy ride to Salt Pond and are rewarded with two very well stocked, reasonably priced grocery stores that make George Town look like the third world country that it so proudly clings too. The people in this town are incredibly friendly and helpful which again is so foreign to us after being around George Town. So very different!

Radio chatter picks up as the day rolls along while I am changing the three fuel filters on our two diesel engines. We chuckle and are delighted to hear that JUBILEE found Joe Sound too shallow, Callabash Bay with too much surge and no cover for the pending cold front. Their flotilla rounds the corner to Thompson Bay but decide to move further south to the Salt Pond area where we, again, know there is no water for +5 foot draft boats. About half an hour later they surrender and come back north to the rest of the sailing fleet and are now comfortably dug into the sand and mud 7 feet below. The anchorage has grown from only 2 boats this morning to more than 20 this afternoon.

One of those boats that has found its way to Thompson Bay is sv BLUE PELICAN our friends from Toronto / UK who we met last year at Chubb Cay and again in Bimini before going our separate ways for the summer. Claus and Jenny joined us after sunset for a quick drink and an opportunity to catch up. Claus has a bunch of great ideas for us as we have recently put MILANO MYST up for sale on the internet. We will incorporate some of his suggestions in our current presentation.

While we were shopping for groceries yesterday we were pleasantly surprised at the quality, variety and freshness of everything here on Long Island. Incredibly the prices are better here than in George Town. We have come to expect very little from the entire George Town community in terms of service, friendliness and certainly the basic services for cruisers. When you can venture 25 nm east and find such friendly people, incredibly clean roads, well maintained homes, and as I said reasonably priced, fresh groceries you wonder why you would ever go back to George Town. There are garage cans on the side of the road for cruisers to use and sometime over night all of the trash is collected. Where ever we go there is NO third-world like heaps of trash and garbage like over on Great Exuma. I suppose the Elizabeth Harbor and GTown offers good cover for most weather but that is no reason to let the anchor sink too deep in the sand.

And the world only gets smaller.

Anyways, as we are grocery shopping we start talking to a retired couple and one thing leads to another and they say they are from the Yukon. Well, they admit that they now live in Ontario and after a couple more questions they elaborate that they live in a small community outside of Ottawa. Again, the lawyer in me asks the penetrating question that forces this wary couple to divulge that they are both guilty and that they live in an unheard of place called Navan, Ontario. As it turns out Marion & John Peacock live on the Bearbrook Golf Course that dad and I played so many times with our wonderful family friend Ken Riopelle. I can only hope Ken reads this and can close the loop with Marion & John sometime this summer.

There are two recurring themes won from this adventure that I can only hope that we embrace fro the rest of our lives. Firstly, a friendly hello opens the door to meet and learn so much about other people. Secondly, no matter how far we reach out to the world the closer we feel to home.

MILANO MYST Monitoring 9 and 16 ( and SSB 4045 weather)


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