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Yesterday was just another great day here in Hannibal. Marilyn & I had our morning coffee and discussed plans for the future. We have wanted for some time to return to our favorite place in the world and that is the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The fact that our full-timer friends, Gordon & Juanita were just there and had many pictures on their web site just simply made us ache to return to that wonderful place. We also want to visit Canyon de Chelly, Palo Duro Canyon, along with Monument Valley and Bryce and Zion National Parks. So we have begun to work on a travel plan for next summer which will allow us to visit these places. How great it is to be able to go to these amazing destinations, stay as long as you wish, and sleep in your own bed every night. Life is Good!!!

After our morning coffee we straightened things up in the RV. Then I went outdoors and set up the patio area, planning to grill hamburgers later in the day. I rolled the awning out, set up the lawn chairs, set up the grill, put our little refrigerator outdoors and set up our table. Marilyn asked me to set up her poles for the bird feeders, so I did that. Now things are beginning to look like as if we actually live here. :)

As I finished up outdoors the cell phone rang and I was asked to give a tour. I went right over, walking about 100 feet or so to the gift shop, and found three tourists waiting for a tour. We had a nice time on the tour and, as soon as I came out, there were two young, college age tourists, waiting for a tour. So I took this young man and young lady for a tour of the Mark Twain Cave. They were very nice and we all enjoyed that tour.

By the time we were out of the cave, it was time for the 80 high school kids to arrive for a scheduled tour. Soon, we watched a large school bus turn in at Cave Hollow, followed closely by a second bus.

We divided the kids into four groups and had four consecutive tours, with my group being the third of four.

These young people were well behaved and seemed to enjoy the tour so everyone was happy.

Once that tour was over, I walked home to our little house on wheels. Marilyn and I then sat outdoors on the patio with a cold drink, enjoying the birds and just relaxing.

It began to look as if it could rain at any time so we rolled the awning back in, put the chairs away, and decided to prepare dinner inside.

We had hamburgers with blue cheese and peppered bacon on top, along with potatoes and onions topped with hot pepper cheese, for dinner. Not diet food for sure but it was delicious!

We were finished with our dinner in time to watch "Survivor" and turned in early.

I opened the window on my side of the bed and slept until around 3:00 AM with the window open. I awakened at that time to a very cool breeze blowing across the bed so I closed the window and went back to sleep. We didn't wake up until a few minutes after 7:00 this morning. It was a wonderful night of sleep!

Although we spoke with Jennifer on the phone yesterday, we didn't get to see her or give her any hugs, so we are going out to see her today. Can't wait!

Well, the coffee is on and I want to spend time with my honey, so I'll get off of here. Yesterday was a great day and we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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