Donut Hole Awesome Key Lime Pie

Huge Pink House

Another Great House

Wings Nothing Over 9.99

Baytowne Wharf

New Orleans At Baytowne

Jerry Enjoying The Shops :-)

Jerry Checking Out The HUGE Chair :-)

The Shops

Blue Mountain Beach

Unusual Home

This One Was Called Magnolia Treehouse

This One Was Holman's Hangout

WaterColor Beach

Seaside Beach

Cruise Ship Home

Tons Of Motorcycles

Pier Park Panama City Beach

More Colorful Homes

Manatee Mailbox

Jerry Looking At Beach

Crab Restaurant Beautiful Beach

Awesome House For Rent

Palms At Rosemary Beach

Flintstone's Condo?? :-)

We have really enjoyed our stay at Topsail and can't believe it has been twelve days. We leave in the morning for Alabama. We have had a blast and have been to so many beaches I had to take pictures of the (welcome to) signs to remember how many we saw.

One thing I can say about the whole gulf coast is the beaches are the prettiest I have seen in FL. I guess that's why they call this the Emerald Coast, the water is gorgeous. We highly recommend Topsail State Park to anyone visiting this part of Florida.

Jerry got out yesterday and washed the whole motorhome and the car. There are not many parks that allow that but this one is fantastic. It looks like Disney World the way it is set up and we give it a 10 plus.

I am going to load a ton of pictures to show you all we did here. I took over 1200 pictures in the area so that should give you some idea of how beautiful this area is. :-) The houses are fantastic and huge and colorful and some most unusual. Even the mailboxes are unique. The shops are set up like villages most on wharfs or beach communities. The prices are everything from very high end to everything's a dollar to Wings where nothing is over 9.99.

The food when we did eat out was fantastic. We are cooking most of our meals but once in a while you see a key lime pie sign that calls you in. :-) We have been very active and have actually lost weight since we left, that was good to find out. We hiked a gorgeous trail that was 2 1/2 miles that took you by a lake and then circled right back to the ocean. The path was all sand and the views were fantastic. We have been riding the bikes at almost every campground. It is so funny; you look out and see all these seniors on bikes and never a child. :-) I hope you enjoy the pictures. Our next post will be from Oak Hill State Park near Birmingham, Alabama.

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