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Threw caution to the wind today and got myself a flight down here from Trelew. 1 1/2 hours instead of about a trillion on a bus. You would think though that paying a small Argentinian fortune for my seat I would actually get a seat. Well I did but it was broken, even before I sat on it by the way! The stewardess had to change the cushions then someone else told her of another seat as well. This was on the national airline which kind of reflects the country in a way. The money is not there to do all the investment needed.

Anyway I got here by lunchtime and got a hostel even although it seemed a struggle for the tourist lady to help. Think they are a little bit tourist weary. Needed a taxi as I got lost as usual. Cost about a euro so was thinking why I didn't just do that in the first place!

Been down to see Lago Argentina so far today and met a few people whilst enjoying a cuppa in the sun.

I've got on the tour of the glacier for tomorrow morning and a flight out the next day for Ushuaia.

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