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Back before I retired, when I was still among the working class, I remember how I never looked forward to a Monday. It seemed that, if anything were going to go wrong, it would be on a Monday.

Now that I am retired, every day is pretty much the same and things just sort of cruise along, some days better than others, but every day is a good day.

Well, this morning we had to set the alarm clock to get up early. Jennifer has a doctor appointment for her and for Colby. Steve has to go to work so Marilyn & I will be taking her to the doctor this morning. We have to be at the farm by 7:45 AM, so I set the alarm last night. That is the first time we have set the alarm since we have been full timers.

OK, no problem! Except, that I awoke early and was unable to go back to sleep. That's ok too! But I finally decided to get up and put coffee on. I didn't want to wake Marilyn so I decided to shut the alarm off and let the wonderful aroma of coffee awaken her. I reached for the alarm clock and slid the little switch to what I thought was the "OFF" position. BUZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!! It was a definite "Monday" moment.

Well, so much for being quiet! Now we were both awake! Well, OK, I'll just go ahead and put coffee on and write my journal entry for this morning. Ha! No internet service!

So here I am, awake at 4:55 AM, sitting at the computer, writing the journal in MS Word, to post when the internet is back in service. Another "Monday" moment.

At least the coffee is hot and we don't have to rush around this morning. Life is good!

Yesterday we awoke to a warming trend in the weather although the temperature reached only to the mid 40 degree range, which was nice. It is supposed to reach 41 today.

Marilyn & I went to church and sat with friends. We will get with these good friends on Wednesday to have dinner at "Dos Vaqueros", our favorite Mexican restaurant here in Hannibal.

Once we were back at our little home on wheels, we changed into our normal casual clothing, jeans and sneakers, and Marilyn began fixing one of our favorite dishes, spaghetti amore, which is one of Linda Payne's recipes.

I went outdoors to do the routine RV chores of dumping the tanks and filling our fresh water tank. Just as I finished those little chores, I was called and asked to give a tour of Mark Twain Cave. I put on my "Cave" jacket, grabbed my flashlight and was off to tell the tale of Tom & Becky getting lost in the cave.

The tour group consisted of a nice family from Minnesota and a father with his two daughters, making eight people in all. We had a good time and everyone came out of the cave with big smiles on their faces.

As soon as the tour was finished, Marilyn announced that she was ready to go see the kids and Colby. We got to the van and I realized that I didn't have my car keys, so I had to make a quick run back to the RV. Another "Monday" moment.

OK, now we were ready to go, right?

Oops, Marilyn forgot the salad she had for the kids. Another quick run back to the RV, and now we were ready at last. Yet another "Monday" moment.

Only one more stop to make and that was to pick up a newspaper for the kids.

Finally, we drove down the lane to the farm, gave hugs and kisses to Jen and Colby, and began the fun time with Colby. Steve was off helping his dad do something but he arrived later and showed us some house plans the kids are looking at. Nice!

Marilyn and I said our goodbyes and arrived back at the campground in time for the mindless TV shows beginning at 7:00 PM. We ate the spaghetti amore for our dinner and went to bed before 10:00 PM. I have a new book that I am reading so I read until I could no longer keep my eyes open, slept well and awakened early, which take us back to the very beginning of this journal entry.

Yesterday was a good day and I expect today to be good also, in spite of the funny beginning.

Well, it is Monday morning, but you folks know me, ever the optimist, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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