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Yesterday was another cold day but we had mostly clear skies so the sunshine helped to make the cold bearable. Marilyn & I had our morning coffee and some breakfast before starting the activity of the day.

My first priority was to get our taxes done. That turned out to be an aggravation. I guess that should be no surprise to anyone. :) Our federal taxes were fine with a decent refund coming our way, but the aggravation was in the state taxes for Missouri. Remember that we worked as Cave guides for awhile last year, during the time we were here to visit our daughter. It turns out that we owed the state $1.00 more in taxes than we had paid. Grrrrrr....

The normal cost to file a state return was $63.00. The tax preparer was so aggravated that she gave me a break on the price and only charged $23.00 to file that return. :)

I am all in favor of the "Fair Tax" plan where we simply pay a higher sales tax on anything we purchase, and no longer file income tax returns. Oh well, that is another subject entirely. Don't get me started! Grrrrrrr......

I had just returned to our little home on wheels when Gretchen called and asked if I could give a tour of Mark Twain Cave. Sure!

I put my jacket on, grabbed my flashlight and was on my way. There were 7 people on the tour and Gretchen decided to go along. Glad to have her. She is a really nice person.

The tour went fine and we had a good time. The parking lot had quite a few cars in it and I thought maybe they would ask me to do another tour but Patty took a fairly large group and managed to get everyone involved. Patty gives a great tour, especially with kids. She is creative and gets the kids involved so that they all have a good time. My tours are more history oriented with more trivia as to dates, facts, etc.

Marilyn had a chance to just kick back and relax but she cleaned the RV first, running the central vac, etc. Things looked very nice when I walked in, and she was sitting in her recliner studying her Spanish.

We had pasta and a great salad for dinner and then popped some popcorn for TV watching in the evening.

All in all, it was another good day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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