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Jesse & Tim would love the play sets at Shell Mound Park

The same site we had before. We were all alone - no...

Launching a kayak

Down through the sawgrass


There were many narrow passages no wider than the kayak (17 ft.)

It was windy, so Tom "anchored" at the side of a marsh.

Fishing from the kayak. He had no bites.

Tom wished he could make a catch like these brought in later...

Rain drops at sunset.

We headed up to Old Town where we found a neat grocery store that reminded Tom of Hegedorns in Webster. The meat we obtained there was excellent. We did a bit of exploring and traversed the "Dixie Mainline Road" - an 8 mile, semi-paved, one lane back road in the lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge. We arrived at our next campground around 2PM, but this county park (in Dixie County where a fee collector comes once a day) was overrun with teens drinking beer from gallon jugs and had a foreboding energy that drove us right out. Our "plan B" was Horseshoe Beach that was another Dixie County park right in the middle of a town and crowded with boat trailers. The restrooms were also in need of repair and cleaning. We also rejected this campground and turned right around and returned to Shell Mound where we had camped before. This is in Levy County on the other side of the Suwannee River where the parks are much better and have resident hosts rather than the once -a-day fee collectors of Dixie County. We also noted that the prosperity of Levy County was a few notches above that of Dixie County. Our hosts at Shell Mound Park agreed with this assessment.

Our second stay at Shell Mound was relaxing and Tom got to go out fishing from his kayak. (Anne gave him a Kayakfishing book for his birthday). We had another rainstorm on the last night. The weather here in northern Florida seems to be much cooler and not like the tropical environment we experienced south of Tampa. We keep reminding ourselves that this is "A Journey of Exploration and Discovery" and while we will find many wonders, there will be disappointments. Anne is reading a book about the adventures of Captain Cook. His ship experienced such freezing weather while rounding the tip of South America that the sheets froze. While it has been cold in this part of our trip, it's nothing to match that experience!

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