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Oh yes, so much for living rough!

Finally feel at home, I've found a balcony like mine in Lux!

Didn't have this view in Lux. Also where's the mad guy?!

All the best buildings seem to be banks don't they?!

As I was saying...

What's this shit bank doing in such a cool building!

What's left of the City wall with Independence Square behind.

These town planners have a lot to answer for. How could they...

Uruguayan bin man!

So you think Capriato would have been as enthralled had this been...

Not the sort of waterfront I expected especially if you have seen...

Nacional take the field.

It's all going off so to speak.

Race you!

having to stay in a suite at the Embajador hotel as all hotels of 3 and 2 star were full. There are 2 games in the Copa Liberatados or something like that. Should have checked ahead of course but hey it's a nice suite.

Hit Montevideo running so to speak so could be a big night in my suite watching Man Utd in the Champions league tonight.

And, oh yeh, it's raining again! Will be buying fake tan soon!!

For a 4 star hotel it's got a shitty keyboard. Am having to guess the buttons half the time and the other half the buttons don't register. Ah well will cheer myself up with a jacuzzi in my suite, did I mention I had a suite;)

I've spent today doing a walking tour of Montevideo Centro Vieja and also got myself a ticket to see Nacional versus Flamingo in the Copa Liberatados with the help of a cool taxi driver who dealt with the touts for me. I have to say the queue to get in was rather eye opening as the police waded in and horse-whipped a few guys and promptly pulled them out of the queue. For this objective bystander I don't think they really did anything and the police are not meant to be using the whip. Saw one of the Policia tell another to shush that one up. Anyway seemed to do the trick as we all got in no problem after that.Maybe the Brit police need to get into this whipping business but I guess not in these politically correct days!!

It was a good game with Nacional winning 3 nil. Flamengo had 2 men sent off,One involving a rather crude assault on one of the ball boys. The ball boy of course was a hero for the fans after that and will have his photo in the papers tomorrow.

The atmos was great as the Nacional fans never stopped singing/jumping around and climbing the fences?! Didn't here any chat giving directions to their team they just shouted at the other fans and sang their songs. Odd but then you wouldn't find most of the fans in Scotland attending a game in shorts and flip-flops so kinda different here.

Got my second taxi driver of the night that mentioned whisky on the way back to my hotel. He told me he had been driving his taxi for 28 years! Struth! But he has a new woman so that makes it alright:))

Montevideo has its similarities to Buenos Aires (BA) but is much more relaxed. BA is just chaotic but would need more time there to assess it properly but the locals I spoke to hated it. Here's hoping it gets better for those that live there.

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