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Yesterday we awoke to a clear sky and cold temperatures. Cold is normal but it is often cloudy here, so the clear skies were a welcome sight. We had told the kids that we would give them a day at home without company to get adjusted and to allow them some alone time with Colby. (We are going to see them today though. We have to get our Colby fix) :)

We had our morning coffee with quiet conversation about our plans for the future and travel plans, etc.

Once we were finished with our morning coffee, Marilyn cleaned up the kitchen while I made the bed and straightened up the bedroom area.

We were both needing haircuts so that was our first stop once we headed to town. Then we stopped at the AT&T Mobile phone store to get a glitch in Marilyn's new phone fixed. After that we were headed to Wal-Mart for groceries. Wal-Mart wasn't too crowded and we were finished with a minimum of fuss.

Back at the RV, we ate a bite of lunch and then I decided to go ahead and fix the cheese soup for our dinner. When I fixed cheese soup for the kids, it looked and smelled so good that I decided to fix some for us. The only difference is that I like to use a mild Mexican cheese for ours because we like it a little spicier. It turned out to be quite good!

Most of the afternoon was spent just relaxing, reading, etc. We really were needing some down time and yesterday afternoon filled the bill.

In the evening one of our long time friends dropped by to say hello. The knock on the door after the entry gate was locked for the night surprised us and we were in our "relaxed" mode. We could have easily been in our PJ's but were fully dressed. It was nice to see Terry and we enjoyed our visit. He dropped off a gift for the kids and Colby, so we will deliver that today.

One thing we learned yesterday concerned our travel to Springfield, IL for the RV show at the end of this month. We were advised that the RV Show has been postponed due to electrical problems at the site. It has been suggested that the show will be moved or even cancelled.

In any case, yesterday was a good day. We will see more sunshine today and we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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