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Getting Colby ready to go home

Steve & Jen with their son

Jen & Colby in her rocking chair

Jen & Colby

Getting ready to go home

Jen showing Colby to her co-workers

Colby ready to go

Yesterday we awoke to another cold day, but no snow. The forecast had said we might have 2 to 4 inches, but we got zero inches of snow. Life is good!

We saw Jeff drive in coming to work at the Cave complex. He came to our door bearing gifts for the baby. That was so nice of Jeff and his wife because they only know Marilyn & I, having met Jennifer only once. Just nice people!

After our morning coffee we waited for the phone call from Jennifer that they were about to be released from the hospital. I put things together to take to their home to make the cheese soup for the kids.

Marilyn straightened up the RV on the inside and I called Mobile Suites about the 12v water pump staying powered. That was the start of my being foolish. As several of my readers had suggested, the problem was the second water pump switch, located outside right behind the outdoor shower head. Somehow it was turned on and that keeps power on the pump. Once I put that switch in the proper position, everything was back to normal.

I felt foolish because the solution was so simple.

My feeble excuse is that I have been distracted by the birth of our grandson. :)

Well, I said it was a FEEBLE excuse didn't I? :)

One thing I do want to do right now is to thank all of you wonderful people who read our journal, and have sent messages about the baby. We do appreciate you so very much, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We feel so blessed!

We are so far behind in answering e-mails, etc that we might never get caught up. :)

Once Jennifer called, we loaded gifts and food into the Van and drove to the hospital. We do have more pictures to post for you. We followed the kids to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and it was taking so long to get it that we finally told the kids to drive on home as we would stay to pick up the prescription and bring it to them.

By the time we arrived at the home of Jennifer & Steve, they were all settled inside, with Colby in a little glider swing sort of thing.

I must take a moment to tell you about my son-in-law, Steve. He is absolutely wonderful with the baby. He changes diapers, feeds and burps the baby, and helps Jennifer with everything. He is a fine Dad! We are proud of both of these kids!

I got busy and made the cheese soup for the kids. As soon as the soup was ready, Marilyn & I headed back to town, stopping at the Chinese Buffet to have some dinner.

Once back at our little home on wheels, we began to relax finally.

We watched a little TV and then I went to bed to read for awhile before going to sleep.

We had a good night of sleep. The kids are back home with their son and all is well.

Yesterday was a good day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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