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La Paz in the distance

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It’s a miracle! All that food fit in the fridge and all the luggage found a place to be in our cabins. Of course, it took a while to accomplish that miracle. Our 10am departure ended up being a 2pm departure and we only made it about six miles from the La Paz harbor. Today is the first day of low season and eight boats were scheduled to leave the Moorings at the same time. A lot of folks were thinking the same way we did. Our friends found a safe place to store their motor homes and the rental car agency allowed us to return the car downtown, saving us from another drive to the airport. All the components of the catamaran that we have checked so far seem to be working and we celebrated with a bottle of champagne after we made it out of the harbor.

The harbor had some mighty fine vessels docked on the outer edge. The one with the helipad and the jet boat tucked in the side looked like it belonged in a James Bond movie. We found a nice little cove to anchor for the night that already had a sail boat parked there. We’ve learned not to anchor too close to the islands covered with bird guano. They attract bobos, tiny flies that love to fly in your nose and eyes. It was hard preparing dinner with bobos in our faces. At least they don’t bite.

While we have one of the larger cabins, it is still very small. The storage is inadequate and it appears to be more practical just to leave everything in the suitcase. The shower is also the sink spigot and all bathroom facilities are in the same cubby hole. After a shower there is a button to press to pump the water away from the floor. Except for one area large enough for one person to stand, the rest of the room requires a hunchbacked posture for someone of my average height. Clearly the cabin is a place to take care of business, but not a place to linger.

By the time it got dark, we got a few more neighbors. As the sun set, flying fish skimmed the water nearby and the bobos that had been hanging around settled in for the night as well. All was quiet for a bit and then the sea lions on another nearby island began to have a caucus. It took a while for everyone to go to bed.

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