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We were woken this morning by the guy that owns the river house, we had omelette and eggs for breakfast. We then were loaded into a truck and were on our way to see the elephants.

We arrived at the elephant sanctuary and our first sight was of a huge elephant with its little baby, which had to be Dumbo!

We climbed onto a raised platforms where 2-3 elephants were resting there trunks on, we clambered onto the elephant and sat on the seat being enough for two and then the driver got on. The elephant was quite hairy which neither of us expected and we could feel his muscles moving on each step.

One of the other drivers was a little lad no older than eight. He seemed to talk to the elephant to tell him where to go, and when he got down of the elephant, and wanted to get back up he would say something to the elephant and it would just lift his foot up so the little boy could climb back on.

Andrew and i were then allowed to sit on the elephants neck and drive/steer him, (lol do you ride or drive an elephant, i'm not sure!!)but the elephant just wanted to eat and wasn't to keen on obeying us!

After an hours ride we brought our elephant some bananas and fed him, their trunks are strong but soft, and the snouts are very strange and how it grabbed the banana and fed himself was a brilliant experience and you guessed it photo oppunity!

We then walked down toward the river and boarded a little bamboo raft. The river was so peaceful and the sounds that were coming from the surrounding froests were incrediable. One polish guy that was with us just dived into the river and swam alongside us.

After a half and hour trip down the river we then went to the Hell fire pass

The hellfire pass is apart of the death railway, where the japanese forced the prisoners of war to cut away 15m deep and about half a mile long of rock so the railway could go straight through. We got audio tapes and spent 2 hours walking to and along the pass. The bamboo forests were amazing and there was lots of vines. The heat was stifling and trying to imagine how the prisoners worked for 20hours with little food and water, beaten repeatedly, and cut away at the rock was inconceivable.

We went back to the river house for lunch, guess what curry again!

It was then time for what me and Andrew had been waiting for the Tiger temple.

This was a large amount of land dedicated to saved wild animals.We saw ostriches, camels, warthogs(pumba), goats, and (jaymie, hayley and mum) chickens!

We walked down and entered the canyon, there was roughly 12 tigers, 1 monk, and lots of guides. We were only allowed to enter seperately and we had to hold the guides hand.

I went in first, i was sat down next to a huge tiger who was asleep, his head was put on my lap and i was allowed to stroke him and then Andrew came in aswell. Andrew was'n't so keen on having the head on his lap, as he wanted to protect his manhood!! The tigers head was so heavy and the fur really soft, andrew and i just couldn't believe we were stroking a tiger!! we werethen seperately taken to each tiger to stroke. There were 4 cubs of about 6 months old, one was lying on his back playfully, and we were allowed to stroke his belly, the tiger was not one bit bothered he just yawned. The whole experience was incredible, once in a life time oppotunity!

We watched the tiger being led away to their temple, and were allowed a photo with the monk and the oldest tiger. Katy had to stand on the left of the monk and not give anything to the monk else it would be considered rude.

We waited for a bus and then headed to the train station to go to Surat Thani,next stop Koh sumui! While waiting i thought of Hayleys food and burst into tears i miss english food, i'm such a wimp!

The train arrived and we got aboard just as they were setting up our beds, 2 seperate top bunks! We got invited up to another carriage which had a disco in, the thai guys who wee very drunk on thai whiskey were doing karake very funny to hear their high pitched voices!

We then got into bed, andrew was fast asleep in 2 mins and snoring away, i couldn't sleep as it was fairly clanky, dirty and the movements were very odd, everytime anyother train went by ours would stop. So not a great night sleep for me!

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