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Yellow Jacket Camp from the Suwannee River

Our site with the river

Hey Matt, here's another pumper


The engine looked dead

A rotted hose


Launching for a paddle upstream

Paddling on the Suwannee

Tom on the river

Anne paddles along the bank of the Suwannee


An interesting tree


The park entrance on the river

Manatee springs gush out huge amounts of warm water and attract the...

But we were not allowed to enter (April would have been OK)


Turtles along the bank of the river

Back to our site (from the water)

A turtle in one of the ponds at Yellow Jacket Camp

This is a reflection - it's not upside down!

The pond water was so still!

We arrived at our last commercial, full service campground on Tom's birthday, February 28. A Swedish couple has renovated an old fishing camp over the past 7 years and brought it up to date as a respectable RV park. The campsites are wide and long with decent vegetation between the sites - nothing like the parking lots we encountered in the Fort Myers area. Still, we were surprised by the number of what appeared to be "permanent" residents since the write-up had stated there were none such. As we were hooking up, the residents were heading to a pot luck dinner at the clubhouse. Tom had devised a birthday dinner of shrimp shish kabobs with Ben & Jerry's for dessert, so we skipped the pot luck.

Calls from Greg and Audrey (with her family singing Happy Birthday) rounded out the evening.

We caught up on laundry, internet (including posting for this Journal), and Tom discovered an old Fire Engine just across from the office. Matt, our nephew and fire truck collector will enjoy these pictures. It looks like a lot of restoration needs to be done before this truck (which was in a junk yard) can proudly be in parades.

There are three ponds on the property and Tom saw alligators swimming and caught a turtle on "film." There are two pictures that are not upside down - they are reflections in the very still water!

On Saturday, we ventured out on the Suwannee (this is the correct spelling) River in our kayaks, upstream against the current. We arrived at Manatee Springs State Park 2.8 miles later and it took almost 2 hours of vigorous paddling. We were disappointed that all types of boats including kayaks were not allowed up the stream to the spring. We guess that there has been just too much harassing of the Manatees, so we headed back, and to our surprise, traveled the 2.8 miles in less than 45 minutes! This river has a strong current.

Tom was so happy that the warm weather (70F) had returned and he can wear shorts again!

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