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...."Ruminawi" in front of Santuario Senor De Las Angustias....

....the Saturday market in Otavalo....(1)

....the Saturday market in Otavalo....(2)

....the Saturday market in Otavalo....(3)

....the Saturday market in Otavalo....(4)

....thread for sale at the Otavalo market....

....magnificently embroidered blouses at the Otavalo market....

....the scenery on our way back to Quito....

Otavalo is well known for its gigantic Saturday market and as luck would have it, today is Saturday.....the market dates back to the pre-Inca period when products were brought from the eastern lowland jungles and traded with people from the highlands for their goods...we made our way around the huge market enjoying the the main square was a statue of Ruminawi, in front of the Santuario Senor De Las Angustias Church...the culture here is primarily visible in the form of the traditional dress which tends to be “formal”...the men wear calf-length white pants with ponchos and dark felt hats with a single long pig-tail which seems to fall out the back of their heads...the women wear long black skirts with magnificently embroidered blouses and head cloths which are folded in a most interesting the afternoon we made our way back to Quito and the Rio Amazonas...upon our arrival, we went on-line to check our flight to Miami and discovered that all the flights we had arranged for the remainder of our trip had been cancelled.....we quickly got on the phone to American Airlines and managed to get them all the evening we headed out for our last night in Quito and South America to the Red Hot Chili Peppers Restaurant and enjoyed a fabulous Mexican meal along with a cerveza...tomorrow, we’re on our way back to North America and a stop in Florida at Orlando and Disney World!!!!!

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