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Yesterday was a very stressful day for us, when it could have been and should have been one of the happiest days of our lives. Jennifer is doing well but the baby has a bit of a breathing problem and they put him in an oxygen tent. Colby seems to have some congestion in his lungs that they are taking care of. We were at the hospital for nearly 12 hours yesterday.

We plan to spend much less time at the hospital today, as Jennifer and Steve need some time with the baby.

Jennifer called this morning and said that she was able to walk to the nursery to spend some time with Colby. She called again later to inform us that they have taken the oxygen tent away. We are praying that Colby will be able to go home with his parents on Monday.

When Marilyn & I returned to our RV last night, we found a nice gift on the door from the "Cave Crew". It was a green frog because Colby was a leap day baby, and the card was signed, "From your Batty Cave Friends".

That was such a nice thing to do. Friends are such a wonderful thing to have, especially when we don't have family near by.

On another subject, we called our friends, Ted & Sue at Llano Grande, this morning. We knew they were leaving today and we wanted to wish them Bon Voyage. When they answered the phone they were just pulling out onto the highway and were on their way. They told us they had purchased a lot in Llano Grande and we are excited at that news. We look forward to seeing them again this next winter.

Just so you dear readers who are enjoying warm weather, know what it is like in northeast Missouri, we are having a warm up and will have warm weather for the next three days.

This morning I connected the regular water hose, and installed the tripod stabilizer on the fifth wheel. I also had to put the license plate stickers on the van.

We had our morning coffee, listened to some soft music, and enjoyed the quiet time together.

Now our work is done for the morning and it is time to get my journal posted. I have been without a wi-fi connection for the past few days and have used the local McDonalds to check e-mail, etc.

Every day is not a great day but we always look forward to what this day has in store.....

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