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Yesterday we were able to sleep in a bit. I'm getting better but still get up earlier than most retired folks. :)

After our morning coffee, I attended to the normal RV chores like dumping the holding tanks and filling our fresh water tank. Then, Marilyn and I made a grocery run to Wal-Mart. The van needed gasoline also so we took care of that. Ouch!

By the time we returned to our little home on wheels and ate a bite of lunch, it was time for Marilyn to leave again.

Marilyn was taking Jennifer to the hospital for pre-registering and completion of all the paperwork required. The staff showed them the room where the C-Section will happen, and they watched a video about the birth process via C-Section with a spinal tap, etc.

Once Marilyn & Jennifer were finished at the hospital, they went shopping and picked up some movies to watch at the hospital. Steve will be staying with Jennifer all the time.

My job for the afternoon was to prepare Jennifer's favorite dish for dinner. She loves chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes, so I peeled a bunch of potatoes, boned a fully cooked chicken, and cooked the egg noodles in chicken broth. I had just finished mashing the potatoes when Marilyn and Jennifer arrived at our little home on wheels. I used lots of butter and some chicken broth in the potatoes to make them extra good for Jen. :)

She ate two large servings for dinner, along with Italian Cream Cake for dessert.

Life is good!!

Marilyn washed the dishes and I dried them as we visited with Jennifer. Everything was so relaxed and peaceful and I'm sure Jennifer enjoyed her time with us.

Marilyn drove Jennifer back to the farm and returned about 7:30 PM. We watched some TV before turning in for the night. It had been a great day and we sure look forward to Friday. That is a day when I absolutely can't wait to see what that day has in store.....

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