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This morning we checked out of the bungalow in Lamai and then found a travel agent. We discussed our options for getting to Penang. In the end we booked a ferry to Surat Thani, and then from there an overnight train to Butterworth in Malaysia. Once we had a plan, we had several hours to kill. We went to this Irish bar in Chaweng that some guy we ran into on the boat to Samui, a friend of SH's, recommended. Once the guy had mentioned Guinness we were both pretty focused on having one. We took a taxi to the pub, had a couple of beers, and then had the taxi pick us back up again about an hour later and take us to the travel agent. The travel agent had my backpack and was also where we had arranged for another taxi to take us to the pier.

The boat ride to Surat Thani wasn't too bad. It only took a few hours and then we had more time to kill. Unfortunately killing time in Surat Thani isn't a quarter as fun as killing time in Samui. There is absolutely nothing to do, especially late at night. Our train wasn't supposed to arrive until almost 1:00am and we basically sat at the train station waiting and snacking. The train didn't end up arriving until closer to 2:00am, so when we got on we quickly went to bed. The seats were already converted to beds and the train was dead quiet. I only had my big backpack half on as I walked down the aisle to my bed, and SH walked behind me giggling quietly. I turned around to see what was so funny and realized he was laughing because I was hitting every single bed with my backpack along the way. Oops. Then I couldn't stop laughing for a little while but tried to hold it back so I wouldn't disturb anyone else.

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