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Landed in Toronto at about 8:30 that night and few out the next night at 7pm, so less than 24 hours there. Sorry Cathy, bad planning!

Had to dig my jeans and turtle neck sweater out of my bag to put on just before we got off the plane. With the hot flushes these days..one wants to stay as cool as possible eh! I arrive at customs in the midst of a hot flush, hoping like hell they didn't think I had anything to hide (well I didn't) I even antied up my ALMONDS!!lolol I slid through without a hitch.

Cathy was there to pick me up, and we went back to her place and had a few glasses of vino to catch up on old times. Her and her brother Alex even sang Happy Birthday to me!! It was a great night! Went to bed late, as Henry McTear and old friend just happened to be in the hood so stopped by as well. It was at least 2:30 before we crashed!

Next day, was a bit of a whirlwind for Cathy. I really wanted to see Janet and Cathy had decided that we were going to burn her Keg Mansion $150 voucher for my Birthday dinner. Plan B was that we ended up getting some AWESOME Chinese food and taking it to Janet's place to share with her and Keith. Then OFF to the AIRPORT! Not very good planning on my part. I should have stayed a few days! Missed Margo as she was jetsetting in Key West Florida!

Got home LATE (11:05) to Nanaimo on the 20th and Pat came and got me. It was CLOSE! We almost turned around and went back to Vancouver because of FOG, but we did manage to slide in! My bag with the Kahalua and the goodies I bought took a little side trip on me, but it did arrive the next day. Should have taken the candle holders out..they were smashed up beyond glue! Oh well..It's AlL GOOD! And It WAS...ALL GOOD!

Thanks to those that followed my journey..thanks to those that sent emails to me at this tripjournal. My email is down right now, probably till the 27th some time. I know that many of you have had emails bounce back. It is a problem with my server (which I am in the midst of changing.)My website is down too. All will be back to normal soon..sooo stay tuned. I will also be posting a link to my pictures at this site..so check back over the next few days..k.

Over and OUT for now..I have a chest cold-Plane Air and Toronto Cold= Chest Cold!lolol

All the best..Hasta La Pasta! Evalina

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