Janet & Steve's Sunshine Tour 08 travel blog

Carousel Mountain

Steve at Tuff Canyon

Diistant view of Santa Elena Canyon

Cerro Castellan is just a high stack of volcanic rocks

Mule Ears was formed by erosion by a spring

Closeup of Santa Elena Canyon, facing US

Closeup of Santa Elena Canyon, facing upriver. Mexico is on the left,...

To get from Rio Grande Village to Santa Elena Canyon, we had to drive 20 miles north to Panther Junction, around the Chisos Mountains, then south again to meet up with the Rio Grande. This scenic drive west of the Chisos Mountains is called Ross Maxwell Drive. You probably never heard of the Chisos Mountains. That is because the entire mountain range is inside the Park! Carousel Mountain is huge! There are scenic overlooks every few miles, and that's where we took the first pix of Santa Elena Canyon. The closeups are beautiful, too. These rock formations were important landmarks for early travelers from Mexico through Texas. Everywhere, there is evidence of earthquakes, erosion, volcanoes. We actually saw fossils of sea animals at high elevations. We had a great time.

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