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The Hacienda

The Mexican Restaurant We Had Dinner In


Inside Mexican Restaurant with the Roosting Rafters!

More Beach!

Well..It's the 18th and the day BEFORE my 54th Birthday! Leanne and Gord have invited me to have dinner with them on my last night at their beautiful Mayan Hacienda Resort! We had a GREAT TIME! Dinner was soo cool, and there was even a waiter named Iran (NOT IRAQ) that made us these AMAZING Mexican coffees for desert. The most interesting part was that there was a pigeon sitting high up in the rafters..probably looking down on Ev, minding her own business having a margarita, a glass of vino (or two..hey..it's ALL INCLUSIVE RIGHT!! AND my Birthday) and then all of a sudden..SPLAT..right on my arm!! Well, that was the start..ONE YEAR OF GOOD LUCK for Evalina on her birthday! Ten minutes later..AGAIN..same arm, but not quite a bang on a hit. The waiter moved our table over a smidge so that the next one would land on the floor. (I think he was following me though) in no less than 5 minutes bomb number 3 hits! (The table, but it did still splatter on my arm!) Well poor IRAN was beside himself! He had never heard of 3 Consecutive YEARS of GOOD LUCK!! Hey...where is the LOTTERY BOOTH..I need a TICKET!!From then on EVERYTHING was "CON PALOMA"..(With Bird Poo)

Had a really nice night with Leanne and Gord and spent the next day at the beach with them too before heading off back to Cancun to fly out that afternoon. Getting ready for TORONTO and the cold!

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