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Hi Folks,

Well here we are in Massachusetts. We left South Caroliner yesterday morning at 10am and continued driving right through the night. We decided to swing through Foxboro on our way home to check on a couple of warranty items on the trailer. Our arrival time was 7:30am. The total time of constant driving ....19 hours, needless to say we felt, and looked like zombies. Once we headed home Jack felt as though he would keep driving until he got tired, but surprisingly that never happened.

Once we got home our work was cut out for us, unpacking the trailer of everything and anything that would freeze in the next couple of months including all the food, clothing etc.

I can't believe that I'm sitting in our living room writing one of the last journals. It's been fun having you join us on our big adventure. To all of you that sent messages Thank You we enjoyed reading what you wrote as well.

In the next day or so, we will put together some interesting facts about our trip.

It's been a long day, Jack is sleeping, and I think that it sounds pretty good to me too.

So for now, I'll talk to you later. Good Night!

Love Ya

Jack & Lorraine

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